Day 3 of 21 Day Cleanse

Energy returned today after Day 2’s sluggish mope. For the first half of the day, I felt lighter and like I could exercise all day. Walked my son to and from preschool, twice, for a total of three miles, and then did two short yoga routines: one for the psoas (those hips, man. Ouch) and one for the neck and shoulders. I had a smoothie with pea protein powder for breakfast, and wonder if that was the boost—I’m going to experiment with this as the cleanse goes on, what foods, at what time, give me energy.

Tension stirred during and after the yoga. That’s a big challenge for me—I tend to jump when things don’t proceed linearly (like feeling stressed after a yoga class—aren’t I supposed to feel great?!). Then I start analyzing madly to ‘figure it all out’. I never do. So let’s just say things are moving around. I’m trying to observe, let it move, avoid ‘controlling’ it, and trust it will eventually release. Just…let…it…flow.

Man, did I want to have chocolate after lunch! We had a stand off, me staring at the shelf where it sits and it looming back at me. I fought back the very convincing voice saying, “JUST DO IT! It’s only a piece of dark chocolate, it’s so healthy. Be nice to yourself…you deserve it…” Oh, shut up already. I had dried raspberries instead.

Mild headaches set in during the afternoon, moving to all different parts of the head, followed by neck pain. I felt really dehydrated. Coconut water is my magic elixir in these situations; some kombucha also gave me a nice boost. And I loved drinking herbal teas throughout the day.

One of the issues I started with is hand eczema—it’s gotten to the point where it wakes me up scratching like crazy every night. I haven’t been able to wear my wedding rings in months. I’m thrilled to report I haven’t had an itch since starting the cleanse and my hand is slowly starting to heal.  Super rewarding.

Finally, on kindness and connection: I took responsibility for being sharp and, frankly, mean to my husband on Day 2.  He’s had a hard week and didn’t deserve my toxic self. Apologizing felt good and CLEAN.  I also read a few more pages of
Daring Greatly. The section on friendship, connection and betrayal discusses how trust is built in slow, day-by-day steps and acts, rather than some grand gesture or single defining moment. (I.e., we are not living in a movie.) So it’s not being unfaithful that the worst form of betrayal, it’s disconnection. Choosing yourself in every situation over the other. Not seeing or sensing where the other person is because you’re so consumed with your own thoughts. I’ll be taking this with me into the weekend and aiming to spend some wholehearted, focused time with my family. Let’s hope my achy hips don’t slow me down on the playground.

​Love from Asheville,


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