Day 7 of 21 Day Cleanse

What a lovely day. Super energized, charged and brimming with ideas. Things are MOVING, which is an amazing feeling. I started with oil pulling and a little early AM stretching, something I always mean to do but never find the motivation. I’m AWAKE and CLEAR now in the mornings, no fogginess. (Sleep still not great, though.) The achiness in my hips has let up, but bending over (like doing a forward fold) still really hurts. My legs are really taking the brunt of the release right now. Working on it.

After dropping kids off, went for a four-mile hike in the woods. That filled me with gratitude for my life and a deep sense of joy. I don’t want to get too sentimental here; let’s just say my cup felt full. What was cool is the inspiration I found for my work and a real sense of how I could take things in a new direction without fear or hesitation. I felt flooded with ideas and inspiration.

Feeling a sense of freedom and openness got me thinking about stagnation and how that happens. Stagnation just sounds and feels icky—it’s where mosquitos fester, rot sets in, and muck takes over. It’s fear, never taking a step forward. Stagnation in our bodies is also unhealthy; just think about the digestive system when it gets bogged down by our lifestyles.

Cleansing like this is obviously a process of release—of toxins, heavy metals, addictions, bad habits, unhealthy thoughts, even—so many things that hold us down, grip us. Things we get fixated and attached to, things that stand in our way of our best selves. We are letting go of routines and some robot-like behaviors and challenging them, looking them in the eye. Then again, we need some rootedness in our lives lest we become too flighty. It’s like we need to be trees: rooted in the ground, yet growing and changing all the time, even if no one can tell from the outside.

Tomorrow starts the beginning of week 2—wahoo!

​Love from Asheville,

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