Days 8-11 of 21 Day Cleanse

Greetings from Day 11—I’m back after a few days’ break from writing. Now firmly in the routine of the cleanse, I needed a few days to process before writing again. The week was off to a high note, but as mid-week set in, I struggled with fatigue and some setbacks. The good news is that the deep ache phase has passed (thank god), but my hand eczema has come back. It’s one of the main reasons I wanted to cleanse, hoping that I’d identify food triggers.

Eczema can apparently be triggered as toxins release, so it’s possible this is happening. And when candida die-off begins, it seems to happen a lot. I’ve never been tested for candida overgrowth, but I think I have a lot of the symptoms. If anyone has advice or experience here, please share. This is really getting me down right now and is quite discouraging given the hard work I’m putting in.

Friday posed new challenges, too, with seemingly all of Asheville either eating ice cream or drinking beer on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. It was hard to watch—but then I realized, no need to ‘watch’, just be! That said, I did cave to a spoon of ice cream (okay, two spoons!). I wish I hadn’t, but I did. It didn’t feel too good afterwards, so I learned my lesson. Stay away.

After I pushed back the initial mouth-watering, Pavlovian response to being at a brewery, it got easier. I didn’t NEED anything to have a good time and enjoy a lovely evening outside with my family. Beer wasn’t the essential ingredient to me having a good time, but hanging out and being present was (which is so easy to forget). I hope that these dynamics will continue to shift and I can take them with me post-cleanse; for instance, have a piece of chocolate when I want one, not four pieces, mindlessly! Mindful eating….so important.

Otherwise, I’m working to integrate some new routines into my life. I’ve been waking up nice and alert when my alarm goes off at 6:30, and a few mornings this week I took advantage of the still-quiet house and did a 30-minute yoga video. Afterwards, I’ve been oil pulling. I would love to integrate this permanently into my day.

I’ve also lost a few pounds and my clothes are definitely fitting better. I can see and feel a difference as we pass the halfway mark.

In a few days I’ll have a special blog post featuring a mama who cooks really creative gluten-free vegan food for her family. She has a Facebook page called Everett’s kitchen if you’re curious. I’m excited to hear her favorite recipes and share them with you.

​Love from Asheville,


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