Detox with Oil Pulling


Oil pulling is a traditional Indian detox technique that involves swishing oil in the mouth.  I love this because it is so beneficial, extremely effective, cheap, and easy.  Oil pulling helps the body’s natural detoxification process. Usually it is best done in the morning upon waking but can be done at any time.  It can act like a cup of coffee, waking you up, but it also helps remove all the bacteria sitting in your mouth that regular brushing doesn’t eliminate.

Benefits of Oil Pulling:

  •   healthy dental hygiene
  •   whiter teeth
  •   pink, healthy gums
  •   speeds up metabolism
  •   removes fuzzy morning fog
  •   prevents and fights tooth decay
  •   protect teeth against bacterial rot
  •   improves digestion
  •   boosts immune system
  •   kills bad breath

  1. Put a Tablespoon of oil in your mouth 
   (I prefer coconut oil bit you can use olive oil or avocado oil)

  2. Start swishing it around your mouth.  Do this for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Spit out the oil. It should be milky and watery. If your mouth still feels oily you didn’t  pull long enough.
  4. Rinse out your mouth.  DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL as it is filled with bacteria. It is best to use salt water to rinse, then give your teeth a good brushing.
 Things to Remember:

  •   Always use cold-pressed unrefined oil
  •   Use on an empty stomach
  •   Don’t swallow the oil has it has bacteria in it now
  •   Spit out in an container or outside in the ground since bacteria might not be good    for the pipes
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