FINAL DAY of 21 Day Cleanse

We did it! I am walking on air today. It feels like the sun is shining down on me (it helps that it actually IS; it’s a gorgeous mid-70s fall day here in Asheville). I feel happier and more upbeat than I could have imagined three weeks ago. I hope all of you are feeling that way, too. It’s as if a cloud has been lifted and I can see things with greater clarity.

A few updates on how I’m feeling:

  • The hand eczema I’ve been fretting over has nearly cleared now. It made a turn in the middle the third week. I’m cautiously optimistic, and hopeful that as I reintroduce the allergenic foods, I’ll be able to track how it impacts my body and hopefully identify the trigger(s).  This will take some discipline and close attention, which I hope I will honor and have the knowledge to maneuver.
  • I lost four pounds.
  • People have been commenting on the clarity of my skin and eyes. Check out my after pic—my skin looks less red, and the dark circles have lessened. My eyes look calmer, don’t you think?
  • Sleep has improved; even when I am not getting enough, I’m waking up much more rested.
  • My mood, concentration, and ability to deal with stress have improved. I feel more in control and mindful of my reactions. This is a big one.

Over the weekend, I encountered some family stress. I stomped around the kitchen island for a good 20 minutes, mind racing, focused inwards, dreaming of shoveling a chocolate bar in my mouth. I really wanted to tear into the package and have my way with it. I was pissed and stressed. After some psychological back and forth, I decided to do a 20-minute stress relief yoga routine. Afterwards, I sat myself down on the floor and played with my son. I chose to reach out to a person I adore rather than reaching for the chocolate. The stress dissipated and I appreciated CONNECTING, rather than retreating further in my head and mindlessly eating what felt like a quick fix.

I hope to remember this lesson: when stress hits, there are OPTIONS. And your brain’s first response may not be what serves you best in the long run; I.e., five minutes after you’ve devoured the chocolate, have a stomachache, and are still stressed. Lesson to self is to do my best to stop, observe, and give it a few minutes before making a decision. Wise!

I’m also a little sad and nervous that the official cleanse is over. I’ve enjoyed having these parameters, a goal, Alex’s daily emails, writing these posts, being part of a community doing this together; it’s all become part of my day by now. This was just what I needed right now to get grounded. And honestly, I don’t think I’m ready to stop. My body is still talking to me and I don’t want to shut down the conversation. I hope it continues and to go even deeper. This is final day of our cleanse, but my intuition tells me to view it as a beginning rather than an ending.

​Love from Asheville,

PS. You can join the 21 Day Cleanse at anytime. CLICK HERE for more info
and please JOIN the facebook group Detox and Cleansing if you are looking for support during a cleanse, recipes, cleansing ideas or would like to share your story.



DAY 21

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