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Alexandra Du Toit

Earthie Mama was founded by Alexandra Du Toit. Alex is a prolific author, and published journalist writing for many of the web’s largest news sources like Natural News, Wake Up World, Yahoo, New Dawn Magazine, Sivana East and Vivid Life. She is a Holistic Lifestyle advocate and (R)evolutionary speaker, learning and spreading her messages from Africa to North and South America.  She also has her own Earthie Mama product line that are all made from the highest quality ingredients from the Earth! Her ultimate mission and purpose is to educate and help others learn their own way to a healthy holistic lifestyle where they have reached balance and on a path to thrive!

Growing Up


Alex grew up in Los Angeles in a world that did not include the teaching of the intrinsic connection to the Earth. However, intuitively she always knew that she was meant to be a guardian for the Earth.  She had a desire to help others learn how to help the Earth and how to use the Earth to help each one of us.  At just 12 years old, Alex learned about the abusive treatment of animals in the testing of most commercially used body care products.  She quickly used her passion and became an animal rights advocate, giving talks about the importance of boycotting such companies. She started collecting and recycling bottles before there were recycling programs. As soon as she was finished with her extremely academic, all girls private school education. Alex went to the University of Southern California were she received her BA in Environmental Studies. She was one of the first graduates of the new Environmental Studies program and she was in her element.  After graduating, she became a mother to a baby girl, Cassidy Grace.  During her pregnancy, she went into a sacred space of spiritual evolution and personal development. A few years later, Alex, her husband, daughter and 2 dogs went on what would be a five year journey living in the beautiful ‘mother city’ of Cape Town, South Africa.  

Growing And Growing


While living in South Africa, she continued her 10 year practice in Yoga where she received certification in one of the most challenging and ancient forms of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga.  She also gave birth to her second daughter, Zoe Rose.  Living in South Africa, (a third world country, there was no emphasis on environmental sustainability), Alex took it into her own hands and convinced her husband to turn their home into an eco-friendly home.   They had solar panels heating the pool, they attached pipes from the washing machine into the garden, they collected all of the recycling materials and reused them or took them to a recycling facility, after bathing their daughter, they would bucket the water to the grass, and they began a veggie garden and planted fruit trees.  They made eco-friendly laundry detergent and soaps and grew sprouts in their kitchen. This lifestyle of living in harmony with the Earth really felt in alignment with Alex’s true purpose. After returning to the US, Alex continued her personal development by studying Psychology, receiving her Masters in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute. 

Blissful Birth


Alex took some time off to embrace the pregnancy of her third daughter, Skyler Jade. Her two previous births were hospital births, both having unnecessary complications or surgeries resulting from the drugs and medical practices administered to her. Alex felt like her births were more about the ‘business of birthing’ and less about allowing babies to enter the world in the way that they choose. Alex took the most natural approach to birthing her third baby and wanted to gain her power back.  She and her husband delivered Skyler in water in the same room she was conceived in without assistance.  Alex spent her entire 41 week pregnancy, meditating, visualizing and figuring out how to control her mind in order to completely let go of fear.  She did and her baby was born in the exact way she envisioned in 90 minutes, pushing her out in warm water and without any pain.

Since Skyler’s birth, Alex began to be known as the ultimate Earthie Mama in her community.  Her awareness, patience and ability to remain grounded while chaos surrounds her is remarkable.  She is constantly finding ways to heal oneself with elements already here on the Earth. To read the Birth Story, CLICK HERE.

Earthie Mama Product Line


Alex and her family decided to get out of the ‘rat race’ of life and discover a different way of living. Alex, her husband, 3 daughters, 3 dogs and 1 cat put everything in storage to embark on a journey to Costa Rica.  During the duration of their time living there, Alex began using all of her knowledge to make body care products for the family as all the products that were available for purchase where full toxic chemicals. All of the recipes that Alex formulated she would put into a blog. To her surprise her audience grew rapidly and people began asking her if she would sell her products. This was the beginning of the ​Earthie Mama Product line. After returning from Costa Rica, Alex began retailing all of her product formulations.  Now she sells bulk/wholesale orders all over the country as well as online all over the world. She continues to create and discover new natural ways of healing. 

Home Life…..

Alex lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband of 22 years and 3 beautiful daughters.  Alex’s first priority in life is raising conscious children and becoming self-sustainable.  She has been able to run a successful business while being at home with her children, growing food, raising farm animals and living the life she has always dreamed of. 

Earthie Mama is Alex Du Toit

BA in Environmental Studies, Master of Arts in Psychology, Registered Yoga Instructor, Environmentalist,
​Healthy Lifestyle Expert

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