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Are you feeling unbalanced and curious whether a cleanse is something that would help you​? We are constantly being bombarded with toxins that accumulate in the body from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the pharmaceuticals we take, the antibiotics that strip away good bacteria, and the places we have touched. I have put together a quiz that you can do yourself which will be helpful for you to figure out if detoxing is necessary for you.

Circle the appropriate response:


  1. no caffeine
  2. 1-2 caffeinated drinks daily
  3. 3 or more caffeine servings daily


  1. 1 or less per week
  2. 2-4 times per week
  3. 5 or more drinks per week

Food and Drinks ​

  1. Organic 90% of the time
  2. Organic 50 % of the time
  3. No Organic Food/Drink


  1. 1-2 times per month or not at all
  2. Take 1 or more times a week
  3. Take 1 or more on a daily basis


  1. No nicotine/second hand smoke
  2. Occasionally around second hand smoke
  3. I smoke and/or live/work around second hand smoke 

Sugar and/or Artificial Sweeteners

  1. I don’t eat any
  2. I eat some, 2-4 times per week
  3. I eat 5 or more times per week

Processed Foods 

  1. I don’t eat any
  2. I eat some, 2-4 times per week
  3. I eat 5 or more times per week


  1. I live in an area thats organic and I don’t travel​
  2. I spend some time where non-organic pesticides are used and I have non organic pesticides at house or workplace
  3. I never use organic cleaning supplies


  1. ​I never use the microwave
  2. I use a microwave 5 or less time per week
  3. I use a microwave to cook and reheat food daily

Plastic Containers

  1. I use non-leaching drinking containers and storage 
  2. I drink from plastic bottles several times a week
  3. ​I drink from plastic bottles daily     


  1. I use only non-leaching safe cooking pots and pans
  2. I cook with Teflon several times a week
  3. I cook with Teflon regularly

Silver Fillings (Mercury Amalgams)

  1. I have no silver fillings
  2. I have 3 or less silver fillings or had them removed properly
  3. I have 4 or more silver fillings


  1. I have never been vaccinated
  2. I have had some vaccines but not all
  3. I am fully vaccinated

Bowel Movements

  1. 1-2 daily
  2. 1 daily at least 5 days a week
  3. 1 daily 4 or less days per week

Water Intake

  1. 8 or more glasses of pure spring water per day
  2. 4-7 glasses of pure spring water per day
  3. I don’t drink water


  1. 3 or more times per week
  2. 1-2 times per week
  3. don’t exercise

After you have answered all of the questions go back and add up the numbers circled to get a total number that will represent your level of toxicity.

​  Score:

16 – 24   low toxicity level, you are living a healthy life
25 – 32  detoxing would be beneficial
33 – 48 detox emergency! 

After doing this quiz you now have an idea of the level of toxins that you are accumulating in your body. An accumulation of toxins can result in diseases, low immune system function, digestive issues, candida, cancer, depression, anxiety, etc. This is why it is beyond important to detox.

​My 21 Day Cleanse is designed to help bring your body back into a balanced state where you can release accumulated toxins, reset your daily habits and learn to thrive.

​For more information see the 21 Day Cleanse page

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