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This all organic bug spray is a fantastic alternative to the heavily chemical-laden commercial bug sprays on the market shelves today.

All Natural and Effective

The organic witch hazel base is also great for your skin and the powerful combination of essential oils keep the bugs at bay, the natural way!

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Karen D.

Living in Central Oregon, the bugs are insane!! Thanks Earthie Mama for making an organic bug spray that really works!

These are some of the nasty toxic chemicals in conventional sprays.

  • Ammonia - The most common neurotoxin, it attacks the lungs, liver, brain, and nerves.
  • Arsenic - Contaminating groundwater and food, it causes skin lesions with repeated exposure
  • Benzene - This coal-derived, volatile liquid can harm the bones and blood.
  • Ethylene oxide -- Inhaling this fumigant can negatively impact the lungs.
  • Dioxins - A group of chemical compounds that weaken the immune system, affect reproduction, and stunt children's normal growth.
  • DEET - If ingested, DEET can result in stomach problems.
  • Chlorine - Once used as a chemical weapon, chlorine is described as a "choking agent" because it stops the ability to breathe.
  • Formaldehyde - It's used in the preservation of corpses.
  • Methanol - polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) -- Respiratory illnesses, skin lesions, and liver problems have been traced to its usage.

The reality is that there is no need for harsh toxic chemicals in your bug repellant! The oils from these powerful ingredients work to discourage mosquitos and other bugs from landing on your skin and leaving you with a nasty welt. It is also safe to use on your pets while hiking or around the house or farm!














Tea Tree

Tea Tree



Bug Away Spray

Bug Away Spray

$7.50 – $18.00

Earthie Mama’s Bug Away Spray is made with certified organic Witch Hazel and the highest quality essential oils that protect against many different types of insects. ​

It has been scientifically proven that Witch Hazel has a host of benefits for your skin. It has been shown to be a great astringent and cleanser for your skin, therefore you can use this spray as often as you like and it's actually good for you! It will leave you smelling great to your friends and family, but not to the bugs! 

Earthie Mama's Bug Away Spray is an effective barrier against many types of insects and bugs, including:


Bed Bugs

Head Lice










Bug Away Spray

Bug Away Spray

$7.50 – $18.00

Earthie Mama’s Bug Away Spray is made with certified organic Witch Hazel and the highest quality essential oils that protect against many different types of insects. ​

Frequently asked questions:

Does organic bug spray really work at keeping bugs away?

Yes, this organic bug spray really works at keeping bugs away.

Why is it important to use an organic bug spray and not one with DEET?

Everything we put on our skin soaks into our blood stream. While DEET is very effective at keeping bugs away, it is a pesticide that is very harmful to people, animals and the environment. To read more why to stop using DEET, click here . By using an organic bug away spray you can feel safe knowing that whatever is soaking into your skin produces no harm.

Has the bug away spray been tried in harsh conditions?

The organic bug away spray has been tried and tested in the harshest of bug conditions on the planet. It was originally formulated while living in Costa Rica where bug life is abundant and  now has been used all over the world and it really works!

What is in this organic bug away spray that keeps the bugs away?

The organic bug away spray is made up of a combination of essential oils made from various plants. Each oil deters a different type of bug.

What type of bugs does the organic bug spray keep away?

The bugs that the organic bug away spray repels are mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, spiders, fleas, ants, moths, head lice and bed bugs.

Does this organic bug away spray smell good?

Surprisingly a bug away spray that is organic and smells good too. It is made with certified organic witch hazel which has a pleasant smell and is good for your skin. It is mixed with a combination of essential oils that smell really good together. Some people have been known to use the organic bug away spray as a deodorant.

Why are some people more attracted to bugs than others?

There are some people that attract mosquitoes and other bugs more than others and there are some reasons why. Click here  for reasons why mosquitoes might love you and why to have an organic bug away spray with you when going outdoors.

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