Atom Compression Socks for Achilles Injury


Compression socks are designed to provide immediate and long lasting relief while helping your body to naturally heal by boosting circulation and muscle support.As many of you know about 2 years ago I tore my achilles tendon. After a surgical repair and many months of physical therapy I was able to walk again. The recovery was a very painful process and without my dedication to my own healing journey I would still be limping.  

Throughout my healing journey, I dedicated my purpose to my self care. Once I was able to hit the gym, I did, first 3 times a week and now I go pretty much every day of a month.

I found these atom compression socks a few months ago and I thought what a great addition to my workout. I tried them out and initially I found them a bit tight to get on. I put the socks on everyday before my workout for a week before I made any judgements.

I love that the atom compression socks are unique as they are made out of organic and eco friendly milk fiber.

​Here is more info from their website about milk fiber:

Eco-Friendly Lanati Milk Yarn

Atom compression socks knitted with milk fiber have unique properties, which are naturally derived without addition of chemicals or materials which may affect sensitive skin.
the milk fiber makes the socks:

  1. Soft, and very easy to put on, compare with standard synthetic or cotton compression socks and you will notice a huge difference in the ease of wear and comfort factor.
  2. Lanati Milk fiber is naturally antimicrobial, so keeps your socks fresh and your feet don’t smell.
  3. It is also a very cooling fiber, great during pregnancy, in hot weather, for people whose feet are naturally hot. To aid warmth for those that need their feet to be toastier, and for padding, we recommend a terry lined trainer liner on top of the Atom socks. We are in process of developing a world first terry lined milk sock in full graduated compression, so watch this space.
  4. The fibers are moisture wicking, again keeping feet dry by carrying sweat away.
  5. Lanati milk fiber has uv protection properties.
  6. It is moisturizing, so will not dry your skin out, or give that itchy scratchy feel.

So… what do I think of them?

Including these socks as a part of my workout has been really positive. My calf, which had lost a lot of muscle from sitting after surgery for so long is stronger and fuller. The socks help give my muscles and achilles support. I have definitely noticed that I feel physically stronger in my legs since I began using these socks. I highly recommend these socks for anyone who has had an achilles injury. 

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