Have You Heard of Rooibos Tea?


I know you have heard of black tea or green tea but have you heard of red tea? Rooibos, pronounced Roy-boss has made its way into homes and coffee/tea shops all around the world. Rooibos, or red bush, is a grassy shrub that grows all around the very tip of South Africa.  When this grassy shrub is brewed into a tea it has a subtle, nutty, earthie flavor. Rooibos tea is a caffeine free, low tannin, natural anti-inflammatory tea with many health benefits. Rooibos is safe for all ages and has a reputation as an anti aging, cancer preventing, digestive healing, liver cleansing tea.

Here Are a Few Benefits of Rooibos Tea:

  • Strengthens the Immune System

A clinical study in 2007 reviewed the biological effects of animals on rooibos. The review found that rooibos is very high in potent antioxidants that helps to protect and boost the immune system. Rooibos tea has beneficial effects for the immune system. It’s full of vitamins and minerals that help support immune function and fend off invading pathogens that can make you sick.

  • Anti-Inflammatory

Rooibos is known to fight inflammation. A 2009 study showed that rats when given rooibos, appeared to show a protection from free radicals. The high anti-inflammatory compounds help to relieve joint pains, headaches, and prevent cancer.

  • Improves Appearance of Skin

Rooibos tea contains alpha hydroxy acid which is not common in foods but can help prevent wrinkles. It is the main ingredient in skin treatments that help with aging. A 28 day clinical trial was done on the effects of facial lines and wrinkles after drinking rooibos tea. There was a 10% improvement in the appearance to the wrinkles and lines. Rooibos also reduces redness and irritation. It contains zinc which helps with acne and eczema.

  • ​Alleviates Pain

Rooibos tea is an anti-inflammatory and therefore helps with feelings of aches and pains. By reducing inflammation, rooibos can help in treating joint pain, arthritis and headaches.

  • ​Digestive Issues

According to a study, rooibos tea contains compounds that help to relax the digestive system and relieve discomfort. The anti-spasmodic compounds in rooibos tea help to alleviate abdominal pain such as stomach cramps by activating potassium ions throughout the body. The same study showed that the tannins in rooibos tea had the potential to reduce symptoms of diarrhea. It is an old tradition in South Africa to give colicky babies Rooibos tea in bottles to help relieve discomfort.

Rooibos tea has many other benefits too:

  • It helps the heart stay healthy.
  • It controls and prevents diabetes.
  • It helps build strong bones.
  • It helps relieve allergies.
  • Can help contribute to weight loss.
  • Helps to prevent cancer.

​Using Rooibos:

  • ​You can make a tea with the herb or buy tea bags here. Flavor any way you would like it.

On a personal note:
​After living in South Africa for 5 years, I adopted drinking Rooibos tea as a daily part of my life. We always have Rooibos loose leaves in the tea cupboard. It is my favorite tea and a family staple. I have been sharing the tea my children since babies to help them with digestive issues, build their immune system and generally soothe their soul. 


  Enjoy a cup of Rooibos, you won’t be disappointed. Add some honey, milk, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon and whatever you can think of. Rooibos tea is a great winter tea and is also delicious as an ice tea in the summer.

Be well,
~ Alex



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  1. Never heard of it. I usually heard of green tea. This tea is awesome, one of the benefits is strengthening the immune system. It’s really important to have a strong immune system. Great post!

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