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There are so many chemicals being sprayed in our air,  in our drinking water and ocean water, and sprayed on our food.  I am obsessed with finding and creating ways to help my body rid itself of these toxic substances that I am being forced to ingest against my will.  For example, I have created Heavy Metal Cleanse Capsules that are a combination of ingredients that help to pull toxins out of the body while adding protection to the body.   It keeps the immune system strong so the body will have the ability to keep itself free of disease.  

The past few days the skies around me have been flooding with white streaks across the sky.  In the morning there are a few streaks and by the afternoon the sky is coated in a blanket of white clouds.  This act that “they” call geo-engineering is effecting our health and our environment.  Yes, it will probably rain in a few days from all of the chemical combining which is no doubt great for the Earth. However, the amount of chemicals in our air, water, and food is contributing to all of the complaints I keep hearing.  Watery eyes, eye crust, runny nose, sinus issues, lethargy, head congestion, to name a few. 

What really concerns me is how is this effecting my children.  How are their little bodies processing all of these harsh chemicals? Yesterday, when we were playing at the playground, I could not stop looking up as one white streak after another formed X’s in the sky. I noticed when we got home that their noses were a bit runny, they were lethargic and they complained of their eyes burning.  I quickly went into Earthie Mama mode and thought how am I going to help their bodies detox from the chemicals.  A Children’s Spa Day happened next! I took my children through a detox process from head to toe and inside and out. I wanted to share with you what I did in case you want to help your children Detox.


Step 1:
I set up an area with cushions and pillows and towels covering them.  I asked them to lie on the towels while I placed their feet into warm bowls of water mixed with bentonite clay, magnesium flakes, baking soda, and some lavender oils.  


Step 2:
While they were soaking their feet, I made a mask with Bentonite clay, Green Tea and Honey and lathered it on their face.  

Step 3: 
While the mask was drying on their skin, I warmed a bit of Coconut Oil and rubbed it into their hair.

Step 4:
I then made them a cup of Organic Rooibos Tea which they drank as they relaxed.

Step 5:
Then I set up a warm bath with my Detox Bath Salts.
They washed their hair out at the same time.


Step 6:
When they got out of the bath and dried off, I gave them a glass of water with Diamatceous Earth, Chlorella, Zeolite, Cilantro Powder and Activated Charcoal.  They love it!

Honestly after our spa day, their runny noses went away, their skin looked amazing, and they had loads of energy but yet felt calm and grounded.  They had a full body detox.  
Today they are feeling great! 

PictureZoe and I with our face masks on 🙂

It was such a great experience for me as an Earthie Mama.  I created an opportunity to pamper my children using my homemade mixtures and helped them Detox any harmful chemicals that have leached into their skin.  Our children are the future, let them lead this life with the strongest body possible; not one riddled with disease. 

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the space below! I love hearing from you! 

                                                             ALL LOVE,
                                                               ~ Alex                                                    


How to make a Detox Bath
Our bodies are subject to many harsh chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the body care products some of us lather on our skin.  If the toxins remain in the body it is possible for our organs to become increasingly toxic leading to all kinds of possible illness.  It is possible to recognize when your body might be needing to detox.  If you are feeling sluggish, bloated, achy in the joints, having brain fog or just need to relax, a Detox Bath might be just what you need! READ MORE

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