Reflections from A Scary Day


For all of those who did not hear about what happened the other day, I would like to share and reflect upon what happened and all that I have learned from it, so far.  My husband was missing for 24 hours.  It was the scariest 24 hours of my life.  

My husband decided, without telling me, to go early morning fishing.  When I woke up in the morning, he was not around.  I did not stress about his absence at first because I assumed he had gone fishing, as he often does.   Around 8:00 a.m., our friend, Keith, arrived at our house. He looked at me whited faced and handed me Bryan’s wet wallet.  He said that he had found it on the rocks where they often go fishing. I became worried, and we began to search for Bryan.  I went to the rocks and saw where the wallet was left.  It was the same rocks where Bryan had been taken by a rogue wave a few months ago. In the prior situation, Bryan had managed to grab onto the sharp rocks instead of being taken away by the strong ocean currents.  He had walked out completely scraped from head to toe, and all of his fingernails had been pulled off.  But, he had made it out safely. My concern rose now as I remembered a story I recently heard about a man who, a couple of days before his wedding day, had been taken by the ocean from these same rocks.  Many people have lost their lives in this area because of the strong force of the ocean.  So, as you can imagine, fear crept in.  I began to believe that the worst could have happened — that the ocean had in fact taken my husband.  My three girls and I searched for him for a few hours and then went home and waited, hoping he would show up.  All day, I tried to solve the mystery of his disappearance while trying, amidst periodic bursts of tears, to remain strong for my girls. 

The entire town of Montezuma began to search for Bryan.  Bryan is so loved and respected in this community that its members believed that they were searching, not just for us, but also for themselves.  They did not want to lose a good friend.  As the light of day left us, the girls and I really began to worry.  Then the sky began to fall with water.  How could Bryan not have come home?  It was dark and raining. Where was he?  Since we came to Costa Rica, it had been all about the five of us. Now, without Bryan, without Daddy, we all began to cry, and scream, and cry again.  I lit a candle, and the four of us sat in a circle, holding hands. I began to pray out loud for the safe return of our dearest Bryan.  The girls who had felt helpless now felt calmer, and we trusted that our prayers would be answered.  

In the early evening, people from all over Montezuma came to my door.  Some of them brought  dinner, while others came with a hug. Some came just to be with us and help me process what was happening.  I had been in contact all day with a few very close friends from Los Angeles who I trust for their intuition as well as a friend who is a well- known psychic, Riz Mirza.  Riz comforted me on the phone and let me know that he was strongly picking up that Bryan was alive and would return.  At the same time, I had posted on my status on Facebook page a request to ask everyone to send prayers to our family for Bryan to arrive safely at home.  

The outpouring of love and kind words covered my facebook page and my message box as well as my email accounts. Old friends, new friends, family from both my husband’s side and mine, and strangers felt pulled to contact me, sending their prayers of hope.  I was completely overwhelmed by the energy being directed at my family and me.  I looked at my oldest daughter, Cassidy and told her that I actually felt calm and that I had surrendered to the power of prayer.  Cassidy agreed with me.  Then wonderful friends showed up to be with the girls and me.  The first words out of our friend Sally’s mouth was to Cassidy. Sally held her hands, looked her in the eyes and said, “Your dad is ok. Just know he will be home.”  We trusted Sally as we knew she was intuitive.  She got her cards out and began doing a reading and continuously received messages that Bryan was safe. She gave us details of where she thought he was.   She ended up being 100 percent accurate. 

The following is what had happened. Bryan had gone on a walk to a waterfall as a way to clear his head after he had been fishing.  After he left the waterfall he began walking home and noticed for the first time that his wallet was missing.  He walked back to the waterfall to search for his wallet. When his journey back to the waterfall resulted in his not finding the wallet, he tried to walk back home only to get trapped by a rising 11 foot tide.  He was unable to walk any further.  He began to make a shelter under palm trees as the sky became dark and the rain began to fall, when a nice German woman came and offered him a cabin  which he could spend the night. She became his angel and fed him dinner.  She lived completely off the grid so that there was no way for him to contact me.  When the sun came up in the early morning, Bryan began the walk back home, oblivious that a search and rescue had begun and that people had already begun fearing that he was dead.  As I sat out on the patio with my morning cup of tea, I saw Bryan walking up the beach.  I ran as fast as I could and gave him the biggest, most grateful hug ever. Tears were pouring out of my eyes.  I looked at him and said “I am so happy you are alive. Keith found your wallet on the rocks!”  He was shocked, yet happy that the wallet was not lost.

The girls went to sleep in peace from all of the loving and supportive energy directed our way and with Sally’s words still bringing smiles to the girls’ faces.  They woke up to their Daddy’s hugs and  witnessed first hand the power of prayer.  Our family has shifted completely with an abundance of love overpowering all of us.  Our experience touched each and every person who was involved in Bryan’s disappearance,  and a realization occurred within all of us:  to LOVE a little more because Love is ALL that matters.  

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