Day 21

Day 21
Ending the Cleanse

The final day!!
I am so proud of you for making it 21 days of cleaning your body from the inside out and outside in. It is such a huge gift that you have given to yourself and this is just the first step to holistic wellness.  You challenged yourself into a new ways of thinking about the way you eat, drink, and thrive!

Your body is thanking you right now and you have learned to readjust to this new way of living.  Please don’t just fall back into old habits and patterns because you are done.  Rather, remain always conscious of how food feels to you.

Perhaps you had a few slip ups or you thought you couldn’t do the cleanse.  But reality is, you have done it, the best that you possibly could and you have just begun the ultimate path to wellness.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What foods worked while you were on this cleanse?
  • What didn’t work?
  • How are your energy levels?
  • What have a I learned from doing this cleanse?
  • How can I take what I have learned and continue to grow?

Today, do a self evaluation.  Ask yourself these questions!

Reintroducing yourself back in:
I encourage you to think about how you are going to reintroduce Gluten, Alcohol, Sugar, Caffeine and Animal Products.


I recommend reintroducing Gluten first (if you want to).  This is a great opportunity to see how your body responds to gluten. Give it a few days and see how your gut feels. How your energy is? How you mood is affected? If you are not having any issues in the first few days, then you most likely do not have sensitivities to Gluten.  Count yourself lucky!

Slowly introduce alcohol back in. Your body has gone through a detox and when you drink it, your bodies reaction to alcohol will be more intense to start.  You will probably get buzzed a lot faster with less intake, so be careful.


As I explained yesterday, stay away as best as possible from processed sugars and artificial sweeteners.  You have allowed your blood sugar levels to be balanced out.  Try and keep it that way and only use Raw Honey, Coconut Sugar, Agave and Stevia.


Have you missed caffeine? If you have, go ahead and have some.  But maybe you will find you don’t even need it.  Maybe a cup of tea instead of a cup of coffee. Or half the strength of coffee.  I usually go for Green Tea. There are incredible health benefits in Green Tea and a little boost of caffeine.

Animal Products

Have you missed eating meat? How has it been on a plant-based diet? There are SO many reasons to not eat animal products.  Environmental reasons, health reasons and of course the animals.  You can live a life of holistic health without animal products if you choose.  Personally, I love to eat eggs in the morning.  The protein in the morning really gets me through half of my day.  I raise my own chickens so I know that they are eating all organic food and being raised with love.

If you start eating eggs, please eat ORGANIC, free range eggs. As for meat, I have to be honest, I sometimes enjoy a steak, but I raise my own animals from babies, so I know exactly how they were treated, what they were fed, and how they were processed. I really encourage you if you want to go back to animal products, to start with a Bone Broth Soup (which is incredible for you).

I don’t enjoy cow’s milk so I stick with Rice, Almond, Oat, Hemp and Coconut but if you do please get Organic milk or even better Raw Milk or Cream.

I would eat Goat cheese before Cow cheese as Goat cheese doesn’t have cassien and is easier to digest.

I believe that protein is one of the most important things we can put in our body for our strength and brain activity.  If you have trouble getting enough protein from a plant based diet then I would put back in the chicken and meat, but be conscious of how the animal was treated before eating it.

As for fish, I would stick with Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon and any other fish that is not from the Pacific (because of Fukushima and the radiation seeping into the ocean).

How To Make the BEST Bone Broth:

Broth is a mineral rich infusion made by boiling bones of healthy animals with vegetables, herbs and spices.  It is also a powerful health tonic that you can add to your family’s diet.
Broth is a traditional food that your grandmother likely often made.  Many societies around the world still consume broth regularly as it is a cheap and highly nutrient dense food.  It also improves your digestive system.  It is high in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, making it great for bone and tooth health.  Bone broth also supports joint, hair, nails, and skin.  It helps to eliminate cellulite.  Bone Broth is very high in Amino Acids which as you are now aware of are beyond important for your body.

How to make Bone Broth:

Bone Broth can be made from the bones of beef, bison, lamb, poultry, fish mixed with vegetables and spices.  You can save leftover bones from your roasted chicken or turkey. Or you can get them from a local butcher. From your Farmer’s Market.

What you Will Need:

  •   1 whole chicken, boned, (or extra gelatin) or any other bones you choose.
  •   1 onion, chopped
  •   4 garlic cloves, diced
  •   2 stalks of celery, chopped
  •   2 carrots, chopped
  •   2 TBL Apple Cider Vinegar
  •   Optional: Parsley, Pepper, Himalayan Salt,


  • Put bones in a large pot
  • Pour filtered water over bones
  • Cook for 30 minutes
  •  Add rest of ingredients, except parsley
  •  Bring to a boil
  •  Reduce to simmer: Beef 48 hours, Chicken 24 hours, fish 8 hours
  •  In the first few hours a film will develop at the surface, scrap that off, those are the impurities.
  •  Add Parsley and other herbs like Thyme or Cilantro during last 30 minutes.
  •  Remove from heat, let cool
  •  Strain all bones and veggies out. Store in fridge for 5 days or freezer for longer.

How to Use the Broth?

  • You can drink a glass of broth per day.
  • When you are ill, bone broth is the best thing for you! It supports the body’s energy, strengthens the immune system while helping the digestive system. Bone Broth often calms an upset stomach.
  • The Homemade broth can be used in Soups, Stews, Gravies, Sauces, or to Roast or Saute Veggies.

This is a very inexpensive way to get a super boost to your health


Please thank yourself for the incredible gift of health you have given yourself during this Super detox cleanse!!!
Take note of what your challenges were? How do you feel now ? Did you learn from the daily emails? What will you hold onto in your new lifestyle?


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