How to Make Coconut Kefir


Coconut Kefir is so yummy and incredibly nutritious.   The watery substance inside coconuts (known as “coconut water”), along with the flesh itself, has some amazing health benefits! All across the world, in ancient medicine and in modern medical practices, the coconut is respected as a superfood and a powerful way to keep the body vibrant and healthy.  When the nutritional benefits of coconut are added to Kefir which has many probiotic powers, you can end up with something that is incredibly good for the human body. Coconut Kefir is ALIVE with nutrition.


  • It stops your sugar cravings.
  • It helps with digestion of food.
  • It tones the the intestines and flattens the abdomen
  • It appears to cleanse the liver. In Chinese medicine, the liver rules the skin, eyes, and joints. Coconut water kefir eases aches and joint pains. Many people report having a prettier complexion. They experience the brown liver spots on the skin fading away and skin tags, moles, or warts drying up and disappearing. Vision also improves.
  • It contains high levels of valuable minerals, including potassium, natural sodium, and chloride, which explains why the hair, skin and nails become stronger and have a prettier shine.
  • It appears to have a beneficial, cleansing effect on the endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, ovaries). Women find that their periods are cleaner and healthier; some who had experienced early menopause have found this important monthly cleansing returning again.
  • It increases energy and gives you an overall feeling of good health.

 You will Need:


  • 4 young green coconuts 
  • 1 packet kefir culture starter or you can use high-quality real water grains (which can last indefinitely).  
  • Rehydrating Water Kefir Grains:
    If you purchase water grains, they will most likely come dehydrated and will need to be rehydrated and woken up from their slumber, so here is how:

1. Dissolve 4 to 6 tbsps of sugar in 4 cups water (you will likely need to heat the water so the sugar will dissolve). Be sure to allow the water to cool to room temperature before proceeding to the next step.
2. Place the dehydrated kefir grains in the water and cover with a towel or coffee filter secured with a rubber band. Allow the mixture to sit for 3-4 days until the grains are plump. Do not allow the mixture to sit for longer than 5 days. Once the grains are rehydrated, you are now ready to make you kefir

How to Make:


  • Drain out coconuts and pour into a jar.
  • Add rehydrated grains.
  • Cover jar with towel and rubber to keep bugs out. 
  • Allow the kefir to culture for 24 to 48 hours by simply leaving to sit still at room temperature (and out of direct sunlight). Do not let the kefir grains culture longer then 72 hours. As the kefir grains culture, you may notice tiny bubble forming and traveling to the surface, but also do not be concerned if no bubbles appear (see below).
  • Once the kefir has cultured for the desired period of time, strain off the finished liquid into a seperate container (using a fine mesh plastic strainer if possible; stainless steel is acceptable if neccessary, but NO METAL) and cover with a tight lid. Finished coconut kefir does not require refrigeration, but can be refrigerated if you desire a cold beverage.
  • Add the grains to a new batch of coconut water and proceed with your next batch!
  • The time it takes to ferment coconut water will reduce with each time. Keep an eye on it and taste it, it should be tart, but not too vinegary.


~ Alex

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