21-Day Super Cleanse Package


Join me for a 21 day super cleanse to rid the body of toxins, parasites and heavy metals while regaining your natural balance. I will take you day to day through meal plans, detoxing ideas and advice, meditations, cleansing techniques, support and resources for your new clean body. The 21 Day Super Cleanse Package includes daily support, cleanse pills, recipes and meal ideas.

Products include: Heavy Metal Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Digestive Cleanse, Organ Cleanse, Detox Bath Salts and a 4 oz. bottle of Master Tonic.

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During the 21 Days, you will learn how to eat in a compassionate and conscious way while cleaning your body from the inside out.

The body needs a break to recharge.

By taking time to detox, we can help our bodies deal with the toxicity that keeps us tired and sick, full of dis-ease.

​Throughout the 21 Days, Alex will guide you through a journey to clean out your body while educating you ways of healthy living in the hopes of making a complete lifestyle shift.

This allows the body to reset by naturally cleaning the organs to create a perfectly balanced internal environment.

By the end, the goal is for you to feel healthy internally and empowered enough in your own intuition to know what your body needs to THRIVE.

Learn more on the Super Cleanse Detail Page.

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