21-Day Super Cleanse Package

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Join me for a 21 day super cleanse to rid the body of toxins, parasites and heavy metals while regaining your natural balance. I will take you day to day through meal plans, detoxing ideas and advice, meditations, cleansing techniques, support and resources for your new clean body. The 21 Day Super Cleanse Package includes daily support, cleanse pills, recipes and meal ideas.

Products include: Heavy Metal Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, Digestive Cleanse, Organ Cleanse, Detox Bath Salts and a 4 oz. bottle of Master Tonic.

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During the 21 Days, you will learn how to eat in a compassionate and conscious way while cleaning your body from the inside out.

The body needs a break to recharge.

By taking time to detox, we can help our bodies deal with the toxicity that keeps us tired and sick, full of dis-ease.

​Throughout the 21 Days, Alex will guide you through a journey to clean out your body while educating you ways of healthy living in the hopes of making a complete lifestyle shift.

This allows the body to reset by naturally cleaning the organs to create a perfectly balanced internal environment.

By the end, the goal is for you to feel healthy internally and empowered enough in your own intuition to know what your body needs to THRIVE.

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10 reviews for 21-Day Super Cleanse Package

  1. Melanie B.

    I can’t thank you enough for all of the information, recipes and support during the cleanse. I feel fantastic. I have not felt deprived at all. I definitely will continue this lifestyle. I don’t miss the animal products. I found a wonderful gluten free bread. I replaced my morning coffee with warm lemon water or Kombucha. I am sleeping like a baby. After a couple of months I may have coffee with almond milk or a piece of organic chicken every now and then, but I never want to give up feeling the way that I feel right now. Thanks again.

  2. Sarah G.

    Alex, Thank you so much for guiding me on this cleanse. Before I started I felt unhealthy, I was over weight, my energy levels were low and I was not happy. After 21 days of your guidance, I feel like a whole new person! I am going to continue to stay on this type of diet as much as I can so I can continue to feel this good. I have lost weight too, which I have been trying to do for so many years! I cannot tell you how much you have impacted my life! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Catherine B.

    First of all, I will miss your lovely daily emails every day! I’m feeling really, really good. Not just physically but also mentally. I wanted to do this cleanse as I way to say ‘Hey, I don’t need caffeine and alcohol to get my through the day!’ Even though with 3 small kids, sometimes, a cup of coffee does the trick as does a nice glass of red wine after a long, hard day. But I noticed that my energy level was much more balanced from not drinking coffee. And more clear headed from not drinking alcohol the next morning. But, I also just wanted a reboot and to get back in touch with my health. I felt like i had fallen off track. Definitely cutting out gluten has been a real boost in energy for me. I think I felt sluggish a lot and bloated. Not any more. I plan to keep on a vegan/gltuen free diet for as much as I possibly can. And have an occasional glass of wine and cup of coffee. I loved my tea on this cleanse! And all of your supplements were great. Thank you so much! I will definitely recommend this to my friends! And send them to you!

  4. Samantha C.

    I benefited so much from the 21-day super cleanse. Within the first 3 days I had more energy than I have had in a long time, that’s with chasing around my 17 month old! I slept better at night and my 2 spots of psoriasis cleared up and we’re almost gone. The Emails you provided were encouraging and so informative. Any questions I had you answered them right away, I am so glad I have given my 2nd baby the gift of a healthy start. This won’t be the last time I do this cleanse!!! Everyone needs this, for their body, for their mind, for themselves. Thanks so much Alex for teaching me how to properly nourish my body!!!! Best wishes!!!

  5. Alex B.

    Hi Alex, I think I would like to re order all the supplements including tonic for my next round. I am going to continue the cleanse for 60 more days. I have to say, I have not had any luck with this lump/cyst and doctors are clueless as to what it is or why. It does not hurt but I know it does not belong. Amazingly enough, since I started this cleanse, the size has reduced very noticeably. Also, my fatigue is way down. Energy level is good, stiffness is better. I checked my weight and I am down 9 lbs. I have always been healthy and exercise daily but could never get those last pounds off and now they are! I am so pleased by my results from this cleanse. It has seriously changed my life!

  6. Daniela C.

    I’m feeling well. I’ve noticed that when I wake up, I’m actually awake and don’t feel sluggish or extremely tired. I was 190 a month ago and am now down to 178. I now know what foods don’t sit right with ny stomach because I’ll start to feel gassy or bloated. I’m also feeling full and more satisfied with gluten free food or simple breakfasts. Today I ate fiber and granola cereal with a slice of toast with almond butter and organic jam. I’m more conscious of what I eat and although I havent fully committed to being an organic and gluten free eater I am leaning more towards it. All In all, this experience has taught me a lot about what my body deserves and needs. And its amazing how much junk is unnecessary. Now I just have to get my husband on the bandwagon.

  7. Karen C.

    Your 21 Day Super Cleanse was exactly what I was looking for. I feel so much healthier and balanced! It has become an entire lifestyle switch for me. I love all of your supplements and your emails. Thank you for always responding to my emails very quickly and taking time to help support me. Thank you. I will be eternally grateful to you.

  8. Diane M.​

    The information that you provided over the 21 days has completely changed my relationship with food. I have become much more conscious about what goes into my body. Thank you for all the recipes and meal ideas too. I appreciate you responding to all of my questions so fast. Thank you , Alex!

  9. Morgan C.

    Hey Alex, Overall I can tell I lost weight on the cleanse and I definitely have more energy. All the information that you provided in your daily emails were extremely helpful and educational. Thank you for your support and for being the amazing and inspirational person you are!

  10. Anthony Zerbe

    Hello and thank you, thank you, thank you. On the last day of the Spring CLEANSE, facing an array of emptied Earthie Mama bottles; our metals gone, our parasites gone, our organs and digestive tracts cleansed and the last loving text from Alex read. We sat there nursing our water and lemon, adrift, smiling and somehow altered; having become something quite different…feeling a wonderful lightness of being. No other way to express it, both in body and mind, and most definitely in spirit.

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