Master Tonic

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$20.00$249.00 or from $18.00$224.10 / month

​It is an antibiotic, respiratory aid, anti-inflammatory, circulatory propellant, aids in clearing infections, anti-viral, anti-fungal, immune booster and much more! It is an excellent natural flu preventative.

Ingredients (all organic): garlic, onion, horseradish, ginger, hot peppers, turmeric, apple cider vinegar

This super-cleansing tonic is a potent supplement that is anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial.​

The Master Tonic is a supplement that can be a positive life-changing addition to your diet. The tonic is made up of 7 powerful ingredients. Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Onions, Hot Peppers, Ginger, Horseradish and Turmeric. The immune boosting, anti-bacterial, anti-parasitical, anti-fungal and anti-microbial ingredients help the body fight off infections, chronic conditions, and stubborn diseases.

If you use it daily, it can help prevent many infections while benefiting your body in other ways. The fresh ingredients are so powerful when combined that they formulate Nature’s Antibiotic and could be the answer to Cancer Prevention.

Learn more on the Master Tonic Detail Page.

*made in a USDA approved commercial kitchen

17 reviews for Master Tonic

  1. lavina a.

    I have been using the tonic and immune support for 3 months, I have not been suck at all no sniffles, no cough nothing, I haven’t felt this good since I can’t remember, I love these products and swear by them. I’m so grateful that you provide this healthy alternative to antibiotics, that have never offered me the benefits that they have given me, I have more energy and I have lost weight and feel great. Thank you!!

  2. Marilyn R.

    Master Tonic is amazing have not been sick since I started using it. The Immune Support is awesome as well

  3. Mario Lopez

    I have not mentioned this to Earthie Mama yet, but I have been on Master Tonic for approx. 4 mos. what I have recently noticed is that no eczema has totally disappeared. How I know this is I rub a special lotion every day to keep it away. What I noticed is when I would not rub the lotion on for 2 days in a row, I would start itching and scratching.
    Since I have been on Master Tonic, I had also skipped 2 days, then three days, always conscious of the eczema that always begins with itching and scratching!
    When I finally noticed that I was not itching, after 3 days, I began to wonder why?
    I went four days, then 5 days and nothing!
    I have not yet pushed it over 1 wk, but I am getting curious!

    The only thing I have done different is drink 1 shot glass of Master Tonic every morning, Saturday and Sunday included!

    In addition to the “natural” energy boost I get each day, I can honestly say I AM HOOKED!

    At first, I was very hesitant, as I have sold great “marketing” gimmicks only to end up disappointed, time and time again!
    I finally decided to try the small eye-drop bottle and by the second I knew this was different! I felt the difference! I knew this product was real! You honestly have nothing to lose – but, lots to gain health wise!

    I can not recall email any company and receiving a response back within mins. to 1 or 2 hrs.
    Every customers asks out of any business are two important things:
    1. Is that a product does what it claims it does!
    2. Fast response to any concern we have to their product.

    Again, the reasons I am a sold customer – The product does what it says it does. Cannot find great service anywhere, as get with Earthie Mama!

    Your Reply
    Thank you so much Mario for this review! I am so incredibly happy that the Master Tonic is working so well for you! It works so well for me too thats why I want to share it with people everywhere! I really appreciate your support! All my best to you, Alex aka Earthie Mama 🙂

  4. Jeannie D.

    Love the Master Tonic! I take a shot everyday. I find it very energizing.

  5. Joy C.

    Since I first learned the benefits of Master Tonic I’ve
    always used it . I haven’t been disappointed and will
    continue to have a supply handy .

  6. RETA m.

    my doctor gave me a recipe, i provided the ingredients, and my friend put it all together. We hated it, so I found you online and decided to give it another try, upon my doctor’s insistence of its value, healthwise. Your is great! I’m committed!!!

  7. Carin F.

    I love the Master Tonic. I work long hours and I am around a lot of different people all of the time and I’ve found that I don’t get sick even when others around me are.

    I recommend it to friends, family, and co-workers when I can.

  8. Tanya M.

    I have been taking this tonic religiously every day for a year now and I can’t even express to you what a difference this little miracle tonic has done for me. I have not been sick once. And I used to get sick monthly. My husband has now started using it too and has found the same amazing results. My kids use the kid friendly version bc the taste is a bit too pungent for them. My husband and I have actually grown to like the taste. I can’t recommend this more!

  9. Judi C.

    My husband and I both live the way Master Tonic makes us feel! We take every day and sometime 2-3 times a day if we feel a cold or allergies coming on. My cholesterol has also come down since using Master Tonic!

  10. wiseone

    Looking forward to detoxing after the holidays.
    All natural and made with the most important ingredient…..LOVE!

  11. Noreen W.

    I have been using Master Tonic for 3 years now and it’s my go to, for every sniffle, extra sneeze or sore throat in my house. It is my Miracle in a bottle!!

  12. Christin D.

    Best all around health tonic.

  13. Pamela H.

    Gotta keep this awesome sauce around for scaring away colds & flus… love how balanced and strong my immune system feels when I drink this everyday!!

  14. Laurie S.

    I was apprehensive about how this tonic would taste. I was surprised it wasn’t like I thought. Not bad at all. Am looking forward to seeing what it does for my health. Have only been taking for a short time so I can’t say how it has helped. But I will give it more time and plan on ordering more.

  15. Carin F. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Master Tonic for about four years and I love it. If I feel any kind of cold come on, I take it and it knocks it out right away!

  16. Rock Tee (verified owner)

    Exceptional product and quite curative of many issues.

  17. Kelly C

    I bought this tonic in Washington State years ago when we where there (from Pennsylvania) for labor Dave weekend to go to the George. This tonic has been a lifesaver any time I need a boost in my immune system. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product.

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