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What is Earthie Mama?

Earthie Mama is an online business spreading health and wellness by sharing do-it-yourself recipes, product approvals and tips to live a natural, balanced life. We also have a product line you can see here!

Who is Earthie Mama?

Hi, I am Alex
Also known as Earthie Mama. I have lived and travelled all over the world, learning and growing myself into a healthy lifestyle expert. Traveling not only opened my eyes but it also gave me the opportunity to be alone.  Being alone allowed me to spend a lot of time inward learning about the secrets to living a balanced and holistic life.

After giving birth to my third daughter at home without assistance, other than my husband, I became known in my community as the ultimate Earthie Mama. I began to make my homemade recipes for my friends and share tips to live a natural life in harmony with the Earth.

I then began to share my do-it-yourself body care recipes, herbal remedies, healthy meal recipes and other ways to live a holistic lifestyle. To my surprise my audience grew rapidly and I started getting many requests from my readers to sell my products. So I did!

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Here’s what you can find at Earthie Mama

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Simple do-it-yourself recipes that are all natural and good for your overall wellness. 
Important information regarding health and the ways you can change to a healthy lifestyle. 

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