The Bone Broth Everyone Is Talking About


Have you been hearing about this bone broth craze? Everyone is drinking bone broth these days! This makes me happy because bone broth is SO good for you. It is good for your skin, hair and nails as well as your joints and especially the lining in your gut. Click here to read more about the benefits of bone broth. I have always made my own bone broth and I have been really resistant to trying anything in a box until a friend recommend I try Kettle & Fire’s bone broths. SO I DID…. 


I love this bone broth trend so much because bone broth is something I have been including regularly in my life for 10 years. I have seen how much heath and vitality it has added to my physical and mental body. My skin used to constantly have blemishes and now my skin is always clear. I used to go up and down in weight and now I do not gain weight. After my achilles rupture and repair surgery, I drank bone broth daily and I attribute that to the fact that my physical therapist said I was the fastest achilles recovery he has ever seen. I find when I drink bone broth I feel energized and an overall feeling of I am healthy! 

I raise my own animals and I use their bones and I cook up this amazing health soup full of all of the collagen, gelatin, amino acids and minerals from the bones mixed with medicinal herbs and vegetables. ​I am constantly making broth and freezing it. I definitely believe I am a bone broth connoisseur 🙂  Here is a recipe for homemade bone broth

So…I am reluctant to brag about anyone else’s bone broth. However, I really have to be honest and say that Kettle & Fire’s bone broth lives up to my high standards. Before I tried the bone broth, I looked at the ingredients and I was happy to learn they use bones from happy and healthy cows and all of their ingredients are organic and ones that I would include in my homemade broth. 

Going into trying the bone broth and after reading the ingredients, I was feeling positive. Then I tried 3 of them. I tried the chicken broth first, then the beef bone broth and last I tried the Mushroom Chicken. All 3 were absolutely delicious! Ive made soup with them and I have sipped on them. I was pleasantly impressed. The flavor in the Mushroom Chicken Bone Broth was the best flavored bone broth I have ever had. And…again all of the ingredients are organic, consciously sourced and slow cooked together perfectly. 

​Great job! Kettle & Fire. Earthie Mama is very impressed by the quality of your bone broth! If you don’t have time to make your own bone broth or its just not possible, ordering from Kettle & Fire is the best quality broth you can get.

Click here to try Kettle & Fire’s bone broths or to just learn more about all of the different bone broths they carry.
They are offering 10% OFF right now 🙂 

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