Fishing and Dehydrating


I have used my dehydrator so much since I have been in Costa Rica.  I kept going back and forth about whether I should bring it with and then in the end with a push from my husband, I packed it.  Now almost 3 months later, we have used it to dry pineapple, apples, papayas, bananas, and the most popular FISH! 

We have become pretty close with many of the locals in Montezuma.  That is what is nice about a small town.  When we arrived in September, it was low season so most people that where in Montezuma at the time, live here all year round.  They immediately took us in like we were family.  We told them that we want to learn how they live and they show us. 

Fishing is a huge part of the life here, for some people it is the only food they will eat and for others it is the way they make money.  The people of Montezuma (us included), watch the ocean to tell us what gifts the ocean will bring to us. When the ocean is calm, which we have found usually happens before the new moon, is a great time to dive for lobsters.  The locals will rapidly get in the water, spending sometimes 3 hours swimming and diving holding, their breaths many feet below.  Or when the birds feed off of the fish we know its a good place to fish. When the Jacks, (as they call them), jump through the air, we know there is a sardine run and catching a big Jack is almost a guarantee.  When its low tide its easier to find the scallops and muscles.  The fishing life, its a lifestyle in tune with the rhythms of the ocean. 


The reason why I went and told you all of that is because some of our local friends will show up often with many fish he caught.  He wants nothing in return.  We have tried to give him money and he refuses to take it.  It is the way here.  The true locals of Costa Rica are appreciative, caring and gentle people. With all of the fish we were receiving we decided to turn it into jerky by Dehydrating it.  We have been handing slices of jerky out all over town and they LOVE it! We have now created a little business…..with all of the fish we are given we dehydrate and sell it and give half the profit to the fisherman.  

This got me thinking about Solar Dehydration.  Back in the day what did they use to dehydrate their food… the Sun! Living in the tropics we can’t just lie them out in the sun because of the bugs so I found instructions for a DIY one that is easy and simple to follow. check it out HERE.  

Remember with all of this Dehydrated Food you can store them in vacuum sealed bags and store them for long term use.  If you haven’t read my article on Natural News about foods that you can dehydrate, check it out HERE!!

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