I am in Paradise! Costa Rica

Wow! What a journey it has been to get to where I am now, but I can say it was worth every minute of discomfort.  My husband and 3 daughters (10, 6 and 1) and I have moved multiple times, living in uncomfortable situations to save money.  The past few months were very trying on us emotionally and physically but we had an ultimate goal in mind;  to reach OUR paradise.  We even lost one of our dearly beloved dogs, Brownie, only a few days before our flight.  We had planned to bring her with her sister, Sushi and her mama, Gracie and our other old dog, Shine along with our favorite feline, Luna.  We have had to grieve her loss as we have changed, transitioned and travelled to where we are now.  We cry daily, as my 6 year old misses her painfully especially when she is trying to fall asleep at night.  However, like many aspects of life, thing are easier to deal with in paradise.  Grieving Brownie’s loss is easier when we hear the sound of the ocean waves all day as we bask in the warm waters and visitors from all species come to great us.  

We are staying on the beach in a small, bohemian town called Montezuma, in Costa Rica.  We are incredibly blessed to live in a house that is a physical representation of our manifestations.  We had booked another house but when we arrived there we listened to our intuitions and went in search of the house we were dreaming of.  We got the “deal of the century” the realtor told us as we agreed on a significantly lower price then they were asking.  It feels so good to not feel like someone is ripping you off to stay in their home which is certainly a familiar feeling from my past.  I just love how the universe arranges things that come in my life to lead me to my own manifestations.  My true desires.  I told my husband exactly the house I wanted to live in when I first arrived in Costa Rica and now I am here!  We had to meet a friend in Topanga who had a house in Montezuma so we would come here to meet his mom who introduced us to the realtor who showed and rented us the house we are living in and now we call our home in paradise! I LOVE the perfection! 

One of the most exciting parts about living in the house where we are at is that there is a Turtle Conservation Hatchery on the beach next to us.  The first night at this house we witnessed a mama turtle come up to the sand, dig a hole, and lay 114 eggs! The conservationists collected the eggs and put them in a hole that is protected by a fence so raccoons and poachers do not try and steal the eggs.  Sea turtles are an endangered species.  When they are not protected by human hands, only 5 % of the approximately 100 eggs survive.  With the help of these compassionate turtle conservationists, they have a 95% survival rate!  Pretty awesome!  We have also had the privilege of helping several batches of baby turtles make their way back to the ocean.  What a blessing to be able to share with my children!  I love that in 2-4 years those babies will come back onto the same sand and lay their own babies!  Sea turtles represent to me True Earth.  I am grateful for the medicine from another TRUE Earth Mama that I received my first night in paradise! 

I have already learned so much after being here for a week.  I have developed my own sunscreen, bug repellent that is all natural which is working great to keep off the many critters who try and get me while keeping my skin nourished and protected from harmful rays of sun.  I will be posting all of my recipes that I come up with soon. My goal is to make all of my own health care products and live off of the land as much as possible without including harmful chemicals, toxins, additives and preservatives of any kind. Stay tuned for stories and pictures as we continue to explore our new adventure!

Thank you for joining me on this journey!!

With Love ALL ways

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