Getting Off the Grid 

Getting off the grid is a phrase that is being thrown around quite a bit these days.  There is so much survival talk and preparation being done by many.  The end result is ‘getting off the grid.’ Let us remind ourselves that there are different ways of getting off of the grid. There is the water grid, food grid, electricity grid, tax grid, etc. It takes a bit of time to get completely off of the grid and un-plug but it can be done by all with no limitations. Ultimately, Living Off Of the Grid means a shift in consciousness and awareness to living in harmony with the Earth.  This self-sustainability is in perfect alignment with the Mother Earth and as a result many rewards come.

Our goal at Harmony Homestead is to work towards Getting Off Of The Grid completely.  We have spent our life together traveling and learning different ways to be able to sustain ourselves without reliance on anything.  Now we are putting it all into full on practice! This blog is dedicated to our journey from reusing, recycling, repurposing, to raising livestock, to growing food, preserving food and making medicine from the Earth.  One step at a time to a simple, minimal life of living back in accordance with nature’s agreements and replacing the plugs with a desire to learn more about ourselves through our relationship with Mama Earth. 

I could never do this without my husband who builds most of the designs that I come up with.  He can seriously build anything and you will see that from this blog. We are excited to share this journey with you!


Earthie Mama

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