Keeping Your Thyroid Healthy with Foods


The thyroid: we hear often about, but it is not always clear what it is and what function it has. Usually, we become aware of its importance when it starts to function abnormally.

The thyroid is one of the most important glands of the human body, whose function is to secrete hormones and regulate our metabolism.

There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from thyroid disorders; a good part is not aware of it, because it is not able to distinguish its symptoms from those of other pathologies. Women are more affected, especially once they reach adulthood.

It is very important to be informed and know the habits of life that help to keep the thyroid in perfect condition. Today besides talking about the functioning of this important gland, we want to discover what foods help to keep it healthy. There are ways of keeping your thyroid healthy with foods.

What are the best foods for thyroid health?

To prevent thyroid disorders, mainly hypothyroidism which is the most common, it is essential to adopt a diet rich in nutrients that foster its proper functioning.

1. Foods rich in iodine
A deficiency of iodine can lead to thyroid disorders that are difficult to keep under control. Increasing the consumption of foods that contain iodine can be a great help to keep the thyroid healthy since this element stimulates the production of thyroxine.
Some sources include:

  •     Eggs
  •     Beets
  •     Garlic
  •     Pumpkin
  •     Sesame seeds
  •     Seafood
  •     Clams
  •     Mussels
  •     Tuna
  •     Salmon
  •     Mushrooms
  •     Iodized salt

2. Foods rich in fiber
Fiber is essential for the regulation of metabolic function and for controlling weight gain caused by hypothyroidism. It improves digestion, helps keep insulin levels in the blood and provides a greater sense of satiety.
You can take it by eating:

  •     Oats
  •     Brown rice
  •     Broccoli
  •     Apples
  •     Pears
  •     Beans
  •     Avocado
  •     Lentils
  •     Psyllium Husk
  •     Flax and Chia seeds

3. Low-fat meats
The consumption of lean meats is an excellent complement to many diets, including those prescribed for people with thyroid problems.
Among the lean meats we remember:

  •     Chicken
  •     Turkey
  •     Rabbit

4. Foods rich in vitamins
Vitamins not only strengthen the thyroid but play a fundamental role in the general health of the body. In this particular case, the consumption of foods that provide vitamins A, C, E, B2, B3, and B6 is recommended.
They are rich in:

  •     Citrus fruits
  •     Apple Cider Vinegar
  •     Vegetables
  •     Grains, nuts and seeds
  •     Bran
  •     Rice
  •     Brewer’s yeast
  •     Mushrooms
  •     Cayenne Pepper

5. Foods rich in zinc
The levels of this mineral in the body can be modified by an excessive production of thyroid hormones. Providing the body with a good dose of this mineral, through some foods, is a great way to help the thyroid in its proper functioning.
We can find zinc in:

  •     Oysters
  •     Shrimp
  •     Wheat germ
  •     Oatmeal
  •     Flax and Pumpkin Seeds
  •     Legumes
  •     Ginger
  •     Walnuts
  •     Meat

All these foods can have a positive effect on thyroid health. However, if you suspect a something is wrong, it is best to consult your doctor for a correct diagnosis and treatment. But, these are ways to start keeping your thyroid healthy with foods.
Cheers to your health!

~ Alex




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