Let Go and Be Happy


When I look into the lives of everyone around me, I see the constant struggle to detach from the aspects of life that do not serve them.  I see the fear or letting go and trusting the instinctive and intuitive parts within them.  I used to be like this too, however I have learned to use the opportunities that arise as a direction to grow and learn from in order to let go and be happy.

I grew up being stuck in a world where it mattered what private school you went to, what car you drove, or what clothes you wore.  I grew up with the idea that if you did not go to college you were never going to be anything.  I grew up being taught that I was to memorize and learn information to pass a test. I was taught that doctors know best. While I am grateful for the opportunities I grew up with, I always felt like something was missing.  I never seemed to be content.  When I became an adult I decided to relearn how to be in my world, to listen to my self and to create a life of happiness that aligned with my TRUE spirit.  Opportunities to change began to show up.  Some of them were the most painful experiences of my life and some were beautiful. However, all of them changed me to shift in alignment with my TRUE self, letting go of all of the aspects of myself that were not serving me to go in a positive direction.

My years of traveling back and forth from Los Angeles to South Africa visiting Europe in between, allowed my mind to open to a new way of living. The most impacting experiences was being a witness to the poverty in South Africa that I did not even know existed.  The gratitude that I would feel for my life would grow and grow every single time I would drive through the townships. Whether I had a certain kind of car or type of clothing became unimportant.  As I became full of gratitude, I began to see how I was feeling happier and events and experiences around me were flowing smoother in a more peaceful manner.

When I had my third daughter at home in a planned, unassisted water birth, I felt what it truly was to let go, trust, surrender and detach. I spent many months changing the thoughts in my head so I could let go of fear and completely trust that my most natural, instinctual side would hold the space while I gave birth to my baby in the way that felt most connected to my highest self.  I am completely a changed woman after that experience. It was a re-birth for myself and I have seen beautiful change in every area of my life since.  This experience allowed me to learn the process of letting go of fear and anxiety while replacing those with love and acceptance which I now carry into every area in my life.  I have an understanding of the power of listening to your own intuition and natural rhythms.

As I have searched for my purpose and path in this life, I have realized that the more I surrender to the source, the happier my life is and the more detached I become.  Detached from expectations, detached from material things, detached from worry. I have let go and as I let go, anxiety or worrying about anything in the future goes away and I live in the Now, knowing that I will always be happy because I AM within ME.

It is strange how your mind can think it knows what is best and knows the WAY.  However, only when you let go of your mind can you truly listen to your higher being.  Yet your thoughts can change your reality.  So, it is important then to have a clear mind, full of only positive thoughts to attract positive experiences in your life.  When your spirit or higher self aligns with those positive thoughts, life around you becomes more complete.  Taking care of your body and mind makes you feel good and ultimately leaves you living a positive, holistic life.  This leads to happiness and attaining a life where you’re living your dreams.  When you get to the point of mind, body and spirit alignment, tuning into your TRUE self is easy.  

If growing to be the grandest version of your self is a purpose of yours, it is important to take each opportunity that arises and to be aware of how it is a chance to learn to LET GO and DETACH in order to be FREE!

Let Go and Surrender….You will see the BEAUTY!

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