Why NEVER to use products with DEET

Please tell me you are not still using Bug Repellant Spray with DEET in it! There are reasons why never to use products with DEET. I know that DEET is very effective at keeping pesky bugs away and it lasts a long time too. BUT, it is a pesticide that is so toxic and harmful to your body, your children’s bodies, your pets and the environment.  Mosquitoes and other bugs are a nuisance and their bites can be extremely irritating but using DEET is not worth the risks especially when there are other alternatives that are made from nature and are completely safe. Here are reasons why never to use products with DEET.

Dangers of DEET , Why Never to Use Products with DEET

Are you one of those whom mosquitoes love? According to many studies there are reasons for that and protecting yourself from bugs is important because of all the diseases they could carry.  The synthetic bug repellants are full of toxic chemicals, including DEET. The Environmental Protection Agency says you should avoid breathing it in, not to spray on your face and wash it off once finished outdoors.  If DEET can kill bugs imagine what it is doing to your body and the environment.

Allergic Reactions

When DEET is applied to the skin, some people have adverse reactions like swelling, rashes, redness and hives. There have been many case studies done on those that developed hives, severe itching, and other reactions after exposure to DEET.  (1)(2)(3)

Seizures and Brain Malfunction

In some cases the ingestion of DEET and repeated or extensive use can lead to seizures.  Most of those cases included children under 16 years of age.  

The most prominent symptom among the reported cases was seizures, which affected 72 percent of the patients and was significantly more frequent when DEET products were applied to the skin. Researchers concluded that “repellents containing DEET are not safe when applied to children’s skin and should be avoided in children.” (4)

Carcinogenic Properties

There is some evidence that suggests that DEET contains carcinogenic properties that can cause dangerous effects when inhaled or applied to the skin. In Germany, scientists investigated DEET. When the cells from tissues were biopsied, were exposed to DEET for 60 minutes, the DEET displayed carcinogenic effects in the human nasal cells. (5)

Toxic for Pets

The Animal Poison Control Center reports that when animals are exposed to DEET there can be many issues including vomiting, shaking, tremors, seizures, disorientation, tremors and gastrointestinal issues. If the pet inhales DEET, there can be increased difficulty in breathing. (6)

Toxic for the Environment

The US environmental Protection Agency says DEET is toxic to aquatic environments including fish and plants. When DEET is sprayed it remains in the air until it is broken down It also sticks to soils and can get into our food or effect wildlife and plants. (7)

DEET Alternatives

There are many different varieties of bug sprays. There are chemically made ones that are loaded with toxic ingredients including the pesticide, DEET. There are also plant based bug sprays that are usually made up of essential oils that repel bugs.  

I have never used DEET on my children and we lived in Costa Rica where the bugs are huge and the mosquitoes carry Dengue Fever. Instead I formulated a bug spray that works to keep all bugs away. 

Here is a recipe to make your own bug spray

OR you can buy my BUG AWAY SPRAY here

I have mastered the formulation and it has been tried and tested all over the most bug ridden places on the Earth. The combination of essential oils in an organic witch hazel base leaves your skin soft and smelling good. It can also be used as an anti itch spray. To learn more click here.

Keep those bugs away the natural way!

  ~ Alex

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