Why Do Mosquitoes Like You?


Are you apart of the 20% of the population that attracts mosquitoes more than the rest? For some, mosquitoes are often the torment of any outdoor activity. Whether you are camping, hiking, bbqing, or any other outdoor experience, those that are targets for mosquitoes know how horrid it can be. There are reasons why some get mutilated by mosquitoes while others are untouched. If you are one of those, then why do mosquitoes like you?

Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others?

  • Carbon Dioxide 

study by the California Institute of Technology found that mosquitoes are mostly attracted to the rate of carbon dioxide that a person exhales. Pregnant woman, larger people and others with high metabolic rate produce more carbon dioxide and thus attract mosquitoes. If you’ve ever been outside doing some physical activity and you have felt them biting away more than normal and wondered why, there’s your answer.

  • Bacteria on your skin and breath

Other studies have found that the bacteria on your skin and in your breath also attracts bugs. Some bacteria secretes chemicals that smell better then others which makes some people more edible. 

  • Blood Type

Mosquitoes bite us to absorb the proteins in our blood which makes sense why certain blood types would be more attractive than others. One study done on this topic came up with results that mosquitoes were more attracted to Type O blood types then A or B.

  • Beer/Alcohol

A study done found that mosquitoes landed on more people after they had ingested beer maybe because it raises the body’s temperature or because of the ethanol that the body sweats. Regardless, the study showed that drinking alcohol attracts mosquitoes.

  • Clothing Color

One of the ways mosquitoes locate humans is color. Wearing colors that stand out like black, blue or red may make it easier for mosquitoes to find you.

When you are outdoors this summer there are ways to protect yourself naturally without harming yourself with DEET and other harmful toxins. Even a Type O, pregnant woman, exercising in a red shirt can protect herself from mosquitoes with the right essential oils.

I formulated a Bug Away Spray that has been tested all over the world and it works. Formulated with nature’s most insect repelling essential oils in an organic witch hazel base not only keeps the bugs away, but also soothes the skin while harming nothing or no one. Natural Insect Repellants really do work.

Also, if you are one of the lucky ones who mosquitoes are attracted to, this is a great article on 20 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes.


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