​Drinking human or animal blood is extremely important for mosquitoes because without the blood they cannot create offspring. They find their way to their targets using different senses, such as smell and taste. Moreover, mosquitoes are highly attracted to the smell of carbon dioxide which is found in our breath and also to the smell of sweat. Which is why artificial insect repellents, which contain such active ingredients as DEET, work by scrambling these smells and making us appear less attractive to mosquitoes. And although toxic mosquito repellents do work very well at keeping insects away and some even are a great way how to kill mosquitoes, they can also cause allergies and other bad reactions to humans, not to mention the fact that they are extremely dangerous to the environment and aquatic world. Hence why different natural insect and mosquito repellents have been created, so we have natural and green way how to stay safe from mosquitoes in the summer.

Hence why different natural insect and mosquito repellents have been created, so we have natural and green way how to stay safe from mosquitoes in the summer.
​Many people claim that natural insect repellents don’t work as well as ones containing DEET and other chemicals. The main reason they say this is that natural mosquito repellents usually don’t last as long as chemical ones do, therefore people assume that natural bug spray is inefficient. But research has showed, that natural insect repellents like Earthie Mama’s Bug Away Spray and others that contain the oil of lemon eucalyptus, are just as efficient as repellents that contain DEET. The only difference is that natural repellents need to be reapplied more often for them to keep their mosquito-repelling power. Which is a small, insignificant inconvenience for being able to use natural and eco-friendly mosquito repelling method.
But, how do natural insect repellent work, if they are made out of only natural ingredients?

​In nature, there are different smells and plants which are unpleasant to insects. And using essential oils from these plants as bug spray ingredients, you can create efficient yet natural insect repellent. The most popular mosquito-deterring plants are citronella, lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender and basil. Which is why essential oils from these plants are most commonly used in organic insect repellent sprays. On top of that mosquitoes also don’t like citrus-like smells. They will avoid them as much as possible, so by having a repellent what smells like citrus you can be sure that mosquitoes will keep away from you.

​However, just because the product is natural doesn’t mean that you should lather yourself in it before testing you reaction of this product first. We all have allergies from different products, and sometimes specific ingredients can cause pretty severe reactions. Therefore, before using any natural insect repellent for the first time, make sure you test it on a small patch of your skin and observe the reaction you have from this product. In most cases nothing will happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Overall, even though it is thought that natural insect repellents aren’t as effective as those containing DEET and other toxins, the right natural product can prove to be very effective.

When choosing the right organic mosquito repellent, you have to consider the region you are living in and what insects you want to deter. Also look up if certain ingredients of the product don’t attract any other insects that live in your region. And, take into consideration that you will have to re-apply the product every few hours. But all this is not only easy to do, it also is a small price to pay for being able to use a product that is natural and won’t cause harm to human health or to the environment.

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