7 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally


It seems everyone would like to lose a pound or two. There are so many fad diets and diet pills out there and new ones being created as you read this. Everyone is looking for a quick fix to shed the pounds off. The only real way of keeping the pounds off is changing your lifestyle to focus on health and wellness. By adopting healthy habits, the pounds will come off and stay off long term. There are ways to lose weight naturally.

Ways to Lose Weight Naturally:

Focus on Healthy Eating

It is not classified information that eating vegetables is good for you. Surprisingly, according to a CDC report, only 27 percent of America adults eat the 3 plus servings they should be getting daily. Eating vegetables helps with digestion and closer to your weight loss goals. Adding Coconut Oil to your diet boosts energy with its high fat content therefore burning calories. Also adding fiber, like flax seeds and psyllium husk will help your body with eliminating waste.

Intermittent Fasting

The idea that you don’t eat for 12-18 hours, from dinner to breakfast. It gives your digestive system time to relax. According to a Harvard Study, intermittent Fasting has been shown to have many benefits, one of them being that you lose weight. Click here to learn more about intermittent fasting. 

Move your Body

Getting off the couch or the computer desk is so important to loosing weight. The more you move the more calories you burn, the quicker the pounds go away. Whether if its working out in a gym, or talking a walk, or cleaning the house, just get up and move!

Add Natural Supplements for Weight Loss

There are many herbs that support natural weight loss. These include ginger, turmeric, and cayenne. These herbs mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar is the ultimate natural weight loss supplement. I have formulated a tonic just for weight loss. CLICK HERE for more info on the Master Tonic for Weight Loss

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is an important part of weight loss. Your body needs to be hydrated in order for it to move smoothly.  A study of 10,000 people ages 18-64 found that those there was a connection between dehydration and obesity. Drinking water was linked to better weight management.

Get Sleep

By resting your body you are making sure that all of your body’s systems are working harmoniously so you can lose weight. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation which ages the metabolism because of increased insulin resistance.


Your emotional well being is directly connected to your weight. If you are stressed, the body cannot perform properly.  Meditation and breath work can help bring you to a calm emotional state which helps with stress, anxiety and depression that might be holding you back from loosing weight. Research has indicated that mindfulness has an impact on weight management.

By incorporating these 7 Natural Ways to Losing Weight, you will see your entire lifestyle change and weight loss will happen for the long term.

At first you might not see changes, but keep on going. Once you see and feel results you will love yourself and want to keep on going!

Cheers to your health!

~ Alex

The Master Tonic is Good for Weight Loss

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