Signs You Have a Parasite and How to Treat Them Naturally


Do you know that 85 % of the world’s population has some kind of parasite living inside them? Parasites often go undetected and misdiagnosed but they can manifest as symptoms such as trouble sleeping, bloating, digestion issues and seizures. These parasites enter the body from other people, animals, mosquito, ticks, contaminated food, undercooked meat and unclean water. ​​Treating parasites naturally is the best way to rid the body of unwanted parasites.

What is a parasite?

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in other organisms from which it obtains nutrients and in the process causes harm to the body by the toxins they release.  Many illness’ have been linked to parasites that are in the body.  However, people that are walking around seeming perfectly healthy may also have parasites. There are over 100 different types of parasitic worms that can live within the human body. Female worms can release 3000-200,000 eggs per day.

Parasites invade when the immune system is down. They migrate to the parts of the body that are not functioning properly. Often parasites burrow themselves in the intestines, the circulatory system, the liver and the lungs. The parasitic worms can literally drill holes in your organs and destroy cells faster than they can regenerate. Here are symptoms to know when you want to treat parasites naturally.

The Symptoms

  • Stomach pain
  • Indigestion
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Fatigue and Drowsiness after meals
  • Frequent infections

The Solution and Treating Parasites Naturally

First of all prevention is key to keeping parasites away. Keeping your immune system strong is vital, in conjunction with good hygiene in the bathroom and the kitchen. Safe cooking practices are important as parasites are often found in undercooked meat  and unwashed fruits and vegetables. Keeping your hands clean is also a good way to prevent the spread of parasites.

Parasites are usually diagnosed through stool testing. Medical doctors have a difficult time recognizing initially whether worms might be causing complications in the body. When parasites are found, there are some parasite medication that you can buy over the counter but they are very toxic and only kill a couple of different types of worms. However, Mother Earth gave us some incredible herbs that kill over 100 different parasites. These include, Diamataceous Earth, Black Walnut Hull, Ground Clove Powder, Wormwood, Black Seed Oil and Neem.

A parasitic cleanse is the best way to rid your body of parasites when the body is overburdened with other toxins.  Filling your body with fresh fruits and veggies, seeds (especially pumpkin), nuts, fermented foods, raw garlic, etc. while taking herbs that fight parasites is the ultimate natural way to get rid of the bugs living in your body. I formulated a combination of herbs that work together to kill the parasites and expel them from the body. CLICK HERE to learn more about treating parasites naturally.

There is no reason to live with dis-ease.  You can find a way to thrive in a balanced state.

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​A combination of organic herbs that that work together to help expel parasites and remove them from the body while riding the body of toxins.
Wormwood, Black Walnut, Diatomaceous Earth and Neem
Warning: Do NOT take while nursing or pregnant.


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