Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day (and everyday)

We often think of Valentine’s Day as a day to give a special someone a gift such as flowers, chocolates or a greeting card. It feels great to be loved and to love. In fact it is well-documented that being in love has many health benefits and is good for us. But…What about loving yourself this Valentine’s Day? Loving ourselves is essential to our overall well-being, success and happiness. Often when one begins to love themselves, the rest of their life falls into place. But how do we love and nurture ourselves? Just as any relationship needs attention to grow, so does the relationship with yourself

Wake up with Intention 

Wake up with positive affirmations about and towards yourself. Wake up consciously. Maybe take a few minutes to ground, meditate and set an intention of the positive day you are going to create.

Be grateful

Find things all day long to be grateful for that can help change the inner negative dialogue that you might have adopted throughout the years. There are always things to be grateful for. Are you grateful for the roof over your head? Or your healthy body? Or a good night sleep? Or the stranger that smiled? Or the breath you just took? 

Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself can be as simple as taking a hot bath. There are many self care techniques that you can use to love yourself, like making sleep a priority, making yourself a bath, lathering your body with lotion, taking yourself for a massage, sitting in a beautiful space with a cup of tea or taking yourself for a walk.

Spend Time Alone

“Me Time” is important to reset and recharge, especially for those that have children or who are caretakers. Even an hour a week dedicated to yourself will help you and those around you. Spending time by yourself in nature is the ultimate gift for the soul.

Nourish Your Body

You are what you put in your mouth. Drink lots of clean water and eat organic whole foods. Move your body. Stretch it out. Sweat it out. Scrub your skin. Lotion yourself up. Give yourself a hug.

Choose Who You Spend Your Time With

Surround yourself with uplifting, supportive people who are inspired by life and are grateful to live. The energy you share with another being can be contagious so make sure you choose quality people to spend your time with.

​I hope that you will practice self-love today and everyday. Valentine’s Day should not be the only day when love is shown to another person or yourself. Make loving yourself a daily habit for your well-being. Ultimately, you cannot truly love another until you love yourself first. Practicing self care doesn’t take a lot of time and even a little love can transform your life a long way.

Sending Love,

​    ~ Alex

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