10 Ways to Take Care of You During 2020

The world is so nutty right now. Since the virus started spreading globally, the world and the people on it seems to be getting crazier by the day. If you are feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed this is a normal response. However, it is important that you are gentle with yourself and the people around you. Here are 10 ways to take care of you during 2020. Things you can do to protect your health, physically and mentally. Self-care is everything right now!

1. Move your Body

We have all heard that exercise it is so positive to your mental and physical state. These days gyms are either closed or you have to wear a mask while exercising. I don’t know about you but taking a yoga class with a mask on is not for me. So, I have had to learn to stay active and centered in my own way. There are many ways that you can exercise at home using the internet or apps on your phone. If those don’t work for you, take your exercise outdoors, walk, run, bike ride, swim, paddle board, etc.

2. Eat Healthy

If you can do anything for your body and mind it is to eat a wholesome and healthy nutritious diet. Take some extra time to create healthy meals with as many colors of the rainbow that you can find. There are many resources and recipes online. Of course, I recommend eating organic if you can. I have a list of some nutritious foods you can buy online here.

3. Clean your Environment

Having a clean and uncluttered space to live in is important for the state of the mind. Some ways to keep your environment clean are to make sure your floors are swept and/or vacuumed to prevent dust from accumulating. Try to commit to making sure there are no dishes piling up in the sink. Keep kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean with a good smelling sanitizing spray, like the one I formulated here. Don’t leave dirty clothes lying on the floor. Add plants around the house to clean the air, add positive, natural energy, and beautify your living space. And any other ways that helps your mental state feel more calm.

4. Practice Meditation to Calm Yourself

There are days when you might feel extra anxious, overwhelmed and stressed. When this happens take 15 minutes and sit with yourself quietly, focusing on deep breathing. This can help produce a sense of calmness. Sometimes when I am really anxious and can’t sit, I get a broom and sweep and focus on that task which helps distracts my mind from the overwhelming feelings inside. Other times when my anxiousness transfers to depression, I relax in water. Hot water really helps to relax my mind, body and spirit,

5. Take a Break from the News

This is one of the best things you can do to get yourself out of a place of fear and anxiety. Between the News and Social Media we are being bombarded with coronavirus updates, political issues, rioting, etc. It’s all a lot for any of us to take in and absorb. Getting out a place of fear and trusting is a good way to get some inner peace.

6. Listen to Music

Music has an amazing ability to heal and shift your state of being. Put on some music that uplifts you and makes you want to move your body. Pick that music genre that you can feel deep in your soul.

7. Work on your Hobby

Isn’t there that craft project you have always wanted to do? Or a class you wanted to take online? Or maybe learn a new language? Maybe a musical instrument? Finding a focus that is creative while empowering yourself is a great way to get through difficult times like the ones we are living in.

8. Read a Book

Pick up an uplifting book that will inspire you to get lost in content. This is a great time for us to learn and work on ourselves. The situations of the world are forcing us to live in the now and acceptance of the unknown future. We all have no idea what the future will look like so why get wrapped up in the anxiety of the unknown. The past is the past, nothing we can do about that so living in the now is our only option. Read a book and be here now.

9. Ground yourself in the Earth

Take your shoes off, go outside and walk barefoot on the Earth. When you walk on the Earth, free electrons are transferred from the Earth into your body. This fills our body with antioxidants. It also calms to mind. Start a garden outside or inside. You can always grow herbs and sprouts on your kitchen counter. Anyway you can connect with the rhythms of the natural world, do it, it really shifts the internal energy flow in the body. Mother Earth has the amazing ability to heal us in so many ways.

10. Seek Support

It is a good idea to know the friends that you feel comfortable to open up to. I know its hard to get together these days with all of the restrictions from Covid19. However, pick up the phone, send a message via text, go on skype, zoom etc. Find support and connection with others. If you feel in a blocked place of struggle, maybe think about seeking professional help. During this Coronavirus journey when businesses have been closed, I have only been able to see my therapist via the internet. It helps me having her to talk about the craziness that we are living in.

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