Tips for Natural Allergy Relief


Allergy season has started! Have they started for you?! Do you or someone you know get allergies? Many people suffer from dust, grass or pollen allergies during this time of year. Allergies can get so intense that many people cannot continue with their regular activities unless they resort to allergy medications. Allergy medications do offer much immediate relief but regretfully not long term relief. Luckily, there are natural remedies that can help with allergy relief. Here are my tips for natural allergy relief.

I have never had allergies but my husband gets them very bad during Spring. He tries the allergy medication when they get severe but he often times finds that they don’t work or have annoying side effects. I have been trying to help him with natural ways to help bring relief during this season.

Tips for Natural Allergy Relief:

1. Master Tonic ~ Master Tonic contains the most powerful ingredients all absorbed in apple cider vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar has the ability to reduce mucous production while cleansing the lymphatic system making it  useful for allergies. I recommend 3 Tablespoons per day to help with allergy attacks.

2. Local Honey ~ Consuming local honey from where you live will help your body adapt to the allergens in the environment there. Take one teaspoon or more of raw, unprocessed honey from close to where you live. Do this several times a day and is best to start taking before allergy season arrives.

3. Detox Baths ~ Washing and soaking in my Detox Bath Salts has really helped my husband. When he is having an allergy attack he washes himself and then soaks in my baths salts. These salts help to pull toxins out through the skin and thus brings relief to the body.

4. Nettle Leaf ~ Nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine and has the ability to block the production of histamine. Drinking Nettle Tea can be very effective during allergy season or capsules can be taken orally. Order Nettle Leaf Here.

5. Probiotics ~ Allergies are the result of an imbalance in the immune system that cause the body to react too strongly to stimuli. There has been research linking the presence of beneficial bacteria in the gut with reduced incidences of allergies.

6. Diet ~ Eating a well balanced diet can aid in allergy relief. Adding nutrient rich and fermented foods while laying off sugars and gluten helps relief from allergies.

7. Neti Pot ~ Is a Salt water flush through your nose. It is said that using the Neti Pot helps to flush out the sinuses of allergens and irritations.

8. Air Purifiers ~  Air purifiers, also known as air cleaners or air sanitizers, are portable machines that can filter the air in indoor spaces. If you’re allergic or asthmatic, you’ve probably wondered what air particles are floating around in your home. While airborne allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander are commonly known, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are less so. The most common VOCs are trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene, which are found in everyday household products such as cosmetics, building materials, carpets, furniture, dry-cleaned clothes, home office appliances, cleaning chemicals, and air fresheners. I recommend getting a good air purifier for your home if possible. You can get some great in-depth reviews on this site.

If you are plagued with allergies this spring season try these approaches to natural allergy relief. Having a strong immune system seems to be key to getting relief. This is why I recommend taking my Master Tonic to help balance out the immune system that cause the body to react to strong stimuli.

I hope this information helps you!

​In gratitude and service,

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