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Immune Support Gummy Recipe

This flu season has already showed itself to be intense this year. Keeping your immune system strong is the best prevention. My Immune Support Tonic is one of my go to natural remedies for my family to help protect us from the flu. One way my children choose to take the Immune Support is in …

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The Master Tonic is Good for Weight Loss

The Master Tonic is an apple cider vinegar based tonic that has many incredible benefits due to its anti-bacterial, anti- microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. When used as a daily regime, one of the incredible benefits is that the Master Tonic can aid in the loss and prevention of extra weight.  Who doesn’t want …

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Signs You Have a Parasite and How to Treat Them Naturally

Do you know that 85 % of the world’s population has some kind of parasite living inside them? Parasites often go undetected and misdiagnosed but they can manifest as symptoms such as trouble sleeping, bloating, digestion issues and seizures. These parasites enter the body from other people, animals, mosquito, ticks, contaminated food, undercooked meat and unclean water. ​​Treating parasites …

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