5 Back-to-School Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy


The time of year has come when children go back to school. It is also the beginning of the passing around of germs and illnesses. By including some healthy living tips daily and making them a priority, parents and children can stay healthy all year.  
Here are 5 of the most important ways to keep your children healthy:


Set Good Sleep Habits:

​Making sure your child gets enough sleep is vital to their emotional, physical and mental health. Getting enough sleep helps children find the focus to learn. Put them to sleep at a reasonable hour. Help them have better sleep by giving them a nice warm bath and reading them books before bed. Limit the use of screens close to bed time. 


Keep Hands Clean:

Teach your children to wash their hands and send them to school with hand sanitizer. Hand washing helps prevent children from getting colds, flus and other infections. I send my kids to school with my all natural Hand Sanitizer spray. Remember most commercial hand sanitizers are very toxic. Here is a recipe to make some yourself


Healthy Eating:

​Breakfast is the most important meal for a child. It is a time to feed their brains and replenish their energy for a long day at school. Send them to school with healthy lunches and after school when the children are so hungry feed them healthy snacks and a nutritious dinner.


Prevent Cold and Flus:

​Keep children’s immune system strong with Immune Boost Tonic. These prevents colds and flus before their onset and helps relieves symptoms if they do catch an illness. Earthie Mama Immune Boost Tonic is what works for me. I formulated it many years ago to protect my children from cold and flus and it really works. Click here to find out more about Immune Boost Tonic.


Head Lice Prevention:

Head Lice is a common problem in elementary schools. Prevent your children from getting the little pests by using essential oils like tea tree, keep their hair back and tell them not to share hats, brushes and blankets.



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