Best plant to use for bruises, bumps, sprains and sore muscles (Recipe Included)

Exercising and being active is an integral part of my healthy lifestyle. I try and stay active by gardening, walking, cleaning, going the the gym, yoga, swimming, hiking, skiing, playing volleyball, etc. With all of that activity comes bumps, bruises  sprains and sore muscles. Since I am not one to ‘sit on the couch’ there are …

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Make Your Own Sunscreen

Many of the commercial sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that actually raise the risk of skin cancer.  However, natural sunscreen can get very pricey especially if you are like me with a family of 5!  So, I formulated a sunscreen that I make at home and is non toxic and all natural.  While you are blocking …

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How to Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Fact: Commercial hand sanitizers are chemically-scented and made with toxic ingredients. While, yes, they do kill certain bacteria and viruses, the unfortunate byproduct is that these chemicals also seep into the pores of the skin and are absorbed into the bloodstream. The primary active ingredients in these sanitizers are Ethyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is …

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Homemade Sauerkraut

I love Sauerkraut! However, there are very few brands of sauerkraut on the market that are raw.  Most commercially sold sauerkraut are usually pasteurized which means that most of the healthy probiotics are killed off. The ones that are raw are overly priced considering how easy it easy to make raw sauerkraut.  When all of …

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